Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chemo Chronicle 2.12

12…12 chemos…way too many.
When I look at this, it really doesn’t surprise me how flippin’ beat down tired I am. Nothing I do seems to help this tiredness – I can’t sleep all day because, well that isn’t natural, but I can’t get up and actually do anything because I feel like I might just fall asleep at any given moment.

My appointment on Friday was nothing exciting. My white blood count is down, so I need to be careful this week and next with germs and what not, but other than that nothing new or exciting.

I am on edge about this coming Friday’s PET scan. The nurse prac. did tell me that I am “allowed” to call at 3:01 on Monday if I by chance haven’t heard from them. We were laughing because I told her I needed a time I was allowed to start calling and not seem like a crazy person pushing redial nonstop, so she said 3:01 is completely acceptable!

I keep telling myself this is my last Sunday to feel this tired and this beat down…here’s hoping!
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