Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chemo Chronicle 2.11

Eleven….eleven chemos done. This is all still so bizarre to me. I sometimes wonder if this will ever really seem normal or will it always be bizarre to me – especially when I start maintenance? I am guessing it will always seem bizarre to me – just what is happening in my body, what the medicine is doing in there, what my body is capable of and is doing…it is a true miracle.

I am defiantly feeling that this was number 11 – I haven’t been bouncing back near as fast as I was…who am I kidding – I am not bouncing back at all! I am pretty much either tired or exhausted all the time – even on Wednesdays and Thursdays which both used to be my “good” days. Eh, so be it. I still have to think that if tired is the worst of it, I can easily take it! I still have random bone pain but nothing is consistent from day to day. On one hand I wish it were so I could plan my days but on the other hand the bone pain not being consistent means sometimes I have it and sometimes I don’t – see all very bizarre!

Treatment this time was easy cheesy. I didn’t have to see Dr H or a nurse being as this was #2 of this round. At the end of my treatment though, I was talking to my infusion nurse about how zomata (bone medicine from last week) wipes me out.

The man next to me overheard and suggested I get unflavored pedialyte. I never knew they had unflavored but like me, he doesn’t eat sugar – hence the unflavored. It kind of taste like watered down pickle juice – it is a very odd after taste. Anyway, he told me he gets zomata once a month and until he figured out to do the pedialyte he was like me – exhausted. Then he tried the pedialyte and the hydration from it helps him feel good – even after treatment. We also chatted a bit about diet – I love talking to people who take the same approach as us to this – it does help me know we aren’t too crazy! He was given 12 months to live – 28 months ago! He cut all sugar, processed food, does mind/body/spirit approach as well! Really, this helped me SO much hearing this. It is hard to say no to wine, to eating out, to food at parties, but to know, really know that it made/will continue to make such a difference to my health – my no more cancer makes it totally worth it.
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