Friday, June 17, 2011

My life right now – in music

My friend Amanda sent me an email last week titled “Friday Friday Friday – Gonna Kill my Cancer on Friday” and asked me if Friday was my fight day. I told her I needed to start listening to the theme song from Rocky and that I wished I felt good enough to feel like fighting....seriously, I wish I felt good enough to knock the sh*t out of something.

Yesterday she sent me the following “Its Game Time” theme songs:
Because Rocky is a bada*s and this can get anybody ready to fight! And yes Amanda, I have watched all of the Rocky movies.

She asked if it was offensive to compare chemo to an NBA game - I don't think so.  It is all about winning and saying suck it to the other team or cancer.

This she sent because who doesn't love this scene from Footloose?!?!

Now here are my music picks for my life right now:
This is my ode to cancer right now:

Not sure why this Pink song made me cry the other day when I watched them perform it on "The Voice" - it made me think of how God thinks of us - we are f*in perfect in His mind - offensive to think of God and the f bomb in same sentence - yes a little but it packs a punch.

This next one is by an guy names Jami Lula - I LOVE his stuff.  It is spritual and I love the tone and message of all his songs. I like to think of my this as my true theme song - there is a whole lotta healing going on

I am sure there are many, MANY more - I could do several posts on different points in my life in speaks to me in a way not many other things do and the funny thing is that I am NOT musically inclined at all.  Different songs hold so many different memories for me - I can hear a song and it transports me back to a moment.  I would like to be transported out of this moment - writing this post in chemo.
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