Thursday, June 9, 2011

Against the stream...

What you choose to dedicate your time to matters, not just for you but for all those who are affected by the withholding or the deliverance of your unique gifts. What are you dedicating your time to? - Debbie Ford

I get these daily “life lessons” or whatever you want to call them from

I love them. I love reading these little tid bits every morning with my cup of coffee – yes, I still drink a cup of coffee every morning and I read my computer instead of a newspaper – I don’t even go to real news sites – I don’t need that negativity – in the morning or ever…WOW, I totally jumped ship on that little rant.

Back to the quote above – it was funny, this came when my hubby was deciding to change jobs. He had a very “cush” job where he was, but his heart wasn’t in it anymore. He didn’t feel he was using all his talents to better himself or the whole anymore.

He took a big step and changed jobs. He got lots of “whys” from others who are still at old job – in terms of why leave a gravy train, why leave something you know, why leave “this”? But the thing is, “this” was filled with negativity – people always talking about what was wrong, what they weren’t getting, blah, blah, blah. He left lots of stock options but in the end, those stock options, that money would never change the fact that he needed – craved something new, something better…something his heart was calling him to do.

He stepped out, got a fresh breath of air and took a leap of faith…and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

He decided to swim against the stream instead of flowing with it – where as going with the stream it was easy but it wasn’t getting him where he needs to be.

It is hard to swim against the stream. It is hard to leave something you know for something you have no idea about. It is hard to take a deep breath, tell yourself you can and let go of that security blanket and walk away…it is hard. But it is oh so worth it.

Believe me, I am preaching from experience here. I held so tight to that security blanket…the security blanket I called my job before my first round of breast cancer. I knew my job, I was good at it, but it didn’t give my spirit a boost, it didn’t make my heart sing….it didn’t do much of anything besides give me a paycheck and guilt that I wasn’t home with Ian. I was scared though – I was scared of what life would be without that paycheck. I now look back at the sillyness of that – yes at first it was a little tough to know I wasn’t “contributing” to our bank accounts but then I realized I was contributing to life, Ian’s spirit & heart and us, our family. Once I stepped out of the “norm” and looked at us, our lives, what I/we need – there was no choice – my heart had spoken and it was time for me to swim against the stream.

I am not saying what I did is what all people want. But I am saying if your heart is telling you that something needs to change, something isn’t right – just listen. You don’t have to do something about it right now but listen – your heart knows the way and it is has an amazing story to tell if we will listen.
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