Thursday, May 5, 2011


Thursdays have evolved for me over time in what they mean to me in terms of what I would do on Thursdays or how I thought of them.
Before Ian, Thursday meant one day away from the weekend, one day away from the “grind” for 2 days, one day away from getting to just hang out. Many years ago, we had a girl’s poker night on Thursday night. I am not really sure why we ever thought doing this on a Thursday night was a good idea because we all still had to work on Friday – and when I say work, I mean we worked at our “real” jobs – jobs after college that I guess we were supposed to take seriously?!?!? Well every other Thursday night, we didn’t take anything seriously – except hanging out with the 6 of us, drinking entirely too much wine, smoking an unknown number of cigarettes between the 6 of us, asking the pizza delivery guy to go buy us more beer, wine or cigarettes because we were smart enough to know we shouldn’t be driving and occasionally we would take the poker game at hand serious – not often. Oh these Thursday nights meant so much to us – some of didn’t know each other when we started this get together, some of us were already great friends, but at those poker nights we really opened to each other and became so much more than the poker girls.

Now that was just poker nights - Laurie and I had many other Thursday night happy hour(s). Let’s just say after 4 hours of happy hour, Eric would come pick us and deliver us home safely. Then there was the apartment with Jessica – balcony, wine, and music we were settled in for many wonderful Thursday nights of talking, laughing, crying, singing – you name, we did it.

Life was bound to evolve from the crazy Thursday nights to the more sensible nights. Ian was born and Thursday night now meant one more day until Eric was home with us. My maternity leave ended and Thursday nights turned into only 6 more hours of work until I get to be with Ian and Eric all day.

Once again life has evolved and with it my Thursdays have too. The days bring complete happiness but my nights have taken on a new meaning of bittersweet. Thursday days are absolute beauty – I am feeling great, Ian goes to swimming class, Gina and I go to the gym, then we meet all the mommies out somewhere for the mommies to talk and the kids to play – it is really my favorite day of the week because without fail our Thursdays are awesome. But as with all Thursdays, we all know what always comes next – Fridays…it has been this way for a long time – I guess since someone came up with the weekdays in a calendar – eh, I really don’t know those facts!

By Thursday night it all starts over again – the dread of the coming day, the wanting to curl up in a ball and say, “you can’t make me go tomorrow” (if you were wondering I did used to do that to my mom when she would need to take me to the dr.), the knowing that my feeling great is short lived for the next few days….it is hard.

I am ready to have my Thursday nights back to what they are meant for – the night before the weekend.
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