Wednesday, May 4, 2011

But, what is right???

Taken from the lesson at church on Sunday:

Our pastor posed the question or statement to us – however you chose to look at it. What is right with the world? What IS right with the world. It is easy to launch into all the horrible things that are happening around the world, but if we stop to really look at the outcome of these events it is nothing short of a miracle that is taking place.

Japan for example, they have people all over the world praying for them, they have people all over the world donating money to them, they have people working together to help them be able to help themselves, they have support, love and light being sent to them 24 hours a day. What a miracle is that? How easy it is for people to pull together when need be. I my opinion we should pull together like that when there isn’t a tragedy but we can take it one step at a time!

Look at my situation. I have people all over the place praying for me, my family, for us. The net of love that has been thrown around us is so strong, thick and tight it is unbreakable. People I haven’t talked to in years contributed to a care package one of my good friends put together for us. Not only did they send me loving cards of encouragement, they sent them to Eric and fun gifts for Ian – yes, he thought the Easter bunny showed up early!!

Another friend of mine, Tarah, coordinated and made a quilt out of squares of fabric that were sent to her by some of my high school friends and family. It was incredible reading what they wrote to me, the inspiration and love they sent to me – I cried from the love I felt in their words.

Kate organized a happy hour/benefit for me this past Friday night. She told me to make “a lot of stuff” and that was all I knew. With the help of Gina (not really help but more of a whipping me into shape to get my sh*t done) I did it – I accomplished a huge goal – one that earlier might have been too daunting to actually do and I would have quit - one that earlier I would not have asked for nor excepted help with. We surpassed Kate’s personal goal that night and made me see that yes, I can do this – I can do this and much more.

So what is right with my world: God, life, love, family, friendship, my desire to smile from my heart, my urge to create and write, my longing to help others, and so much more!

It is too easy to get trapped in our thoughts of what is wrong but we can look at the same situation and say what is right just as easily as saying what is wrong.
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