Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So what:

So what I run 12 minute miles –

I can run 12 miles at a time.

So what I don’t keep a clean house-

It is a home

Full of love and life

So what I can’t spell-

That is what spell check is four (KIDDING!!)

So what I am an info-mercial junky

I do want an easier

More exciting way

To do mundane things

So what I get nervous in big crowds

I can still work a small one

So what I am a walking contradiction

I cry only to a select few

My heart is mine to share with whom I chose

But I let small things affect my heart

My heart is soft on the inside

But I try to make it hard on the outside

If not, I would cry for all to see

So what I can’t organize my office

I am creative

I shouldn’t be


So what I use all my cell phone minutes

I have lots of friends and family

Who I love

And love to talk to

So what I get scared

At home alone

That is what Eric is for

To protect me

So what I had cancer

Lots of good emerged

My faith

My fears

My dreams

My love for


This was written sometime around November, 2010.  I was training for a 1/2 marathon - it didn't happen. I did run 12 miles once. 
I will run 12 miles again.
All of this still holds true.
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