Thursday, May 26, 2011

Drum roll please………

So I just got a call from my Dr. H’s office. It was at 1:40 this afternoon – not long away. And I got my results – you curious at all??
EXCELLCENT!!!!!!!!!! Is what the nurse said as soon as she told me who was calling! She said it was written all over my chart – HELL YES it is written all over my chart!!!

Ian, Aunt Tammy and I were walking through JC Penny to get to our car after a long morning at swim class and then to the mall for carousel ride, train ride, bounce house and lunch – makes me tired just thinking about it all. I had my phone with me all morning, willing it to ring. Then when I was done thinking about it – trying to get us out of the mall and home it rang. I about hit the ceiling when it rang – like I hadn’t been waiting for it all morning! The only other time I waited for a call like this was when I was waiting to hear from the breast surgeon for my results the first time.

We stopped in the middle of JC Penny. Tammy and I were both holding our breath. I heard the word EXCELLCENT – I yelled, I danced and then Tammy and I cried.

SO, here is what I “heard”….we will know 100% what is going on next Friday.

What is GONE – the big a*s spot in middle of my lungs that was around my lympnodes. All but TWO little spots in my lungs. The two that are there – one in lower left is tiny and one spot in lower right – both spots are “dense” and that doesn’t necessarily mean cancer. They don’t know about the bone spots because those didn’t show up on the first CT Scan – those showed up on a PET scan.

What there is NOT – any new uptake – which is GREAT – means no new cancer!!!!

I asked if I still need chemo. She said she wasn’t sure but to keep all appointments as is for now. Here is what I am thinking – you know since I am so well versed in oncology! That I will get two more months of chemo (F*IN BREEZE!!), get PET scan, show I am ALL clear, wipe my hands of this mess and get on with our lives!!!!!! BUT that is just my thinking.

I am not even sure I have processed this yet – I know I haven’t. I still feel shaky and in a fog of WHAT IN THE WORLD is happening, but I am SO SO SO thankful for my answered prayers – everyone’s answered prayers. I knew my prayer of “Thank You sweet Father for the miracle of my cancer free body today, tomorrow & always” was working – I knew it in my heart, in my soul – I knew it.

Thank you all for your prayers, your love, and your support - just you being you. I know this isn’t over yet, but I am a h*ll of a lot closer to the finish line than 2 months ago.

I am still dumbstruck so if this doesn’t make since please forgive me.
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