Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Port in…

After too much frustration trying to schedule this silly thing, getting called back yesterday from the blood place telling me they didn’t take enough blood for all the tests they needed to run and having to go back a second time to be stuck yet again (isn’t this the reason I am getting this d*mn port to be done getting stuck?!?!), to having to have Gina come over at 5:15 this morning to watch Ian, to really believing I was in a 3 ring circus in post-op, I am now home, with a port, a little sore and loving my snuggle time I am getting from my boys.
It was nothing exciting today except the post-op circus I was in. Holy moly, it was a little crazy (ok a lot) what was happening and it took everything I had not to blatantly give Eric a “what is the hell is going on look.” Here is the short of it and I am certain it isn’t going to sound as crazy when I write it, but so be it!

When I woke up there were 2 nurses in post-op. One was the trainer, the other the trainee. We have all been there – on the job training is tough especially if your trainer isn’t the best. So trainer is talking to the trainee like she has no idea what is going on (and maybe with good reason because I wasn’t sure she actually did) but then when she told me I couldn’t drink my “juice” which was a Capri-sun (which I didn’t even want because I wanted water but they would let me??) out of the container because I might spray it out everywhere I knew it was time for me to get out of there. However, I needed an x-ray first in which the trainee wheeled me down and had no idea where to go. In the hall she is randomly calling people’s names to figure out where to take me. So I was right, it doesn’t sound near as crazy as when I was in there…maybe my happy medicine had something to do with the craziness of it all?!?!

Regardless, I am home and happy! My Dr. also went in and cleaned up my old scar and put the new port in the same area so I won’t look like I have been stabbed in the chest twice…that is a great thing!
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