Sunday, April 17, 2011

A dream team

In church today we had a WONDERFUL message: building your dream team. It started with a little insight of geese flying in a V and why they do what they do. Very interesting – with them flying in a V they get 71% less wind resistance than if they flew solo. And they honk at the one in front to give encouragement and when the one in front gets tired, he goes to the back. How amazing is that? I think very!
Then we had a guest speaker: Mindy Audlin. She was talking about building a dream team and how even Jesus needed a dream team so who are we to think we can do this all on our own??

I feel like I have a dream team behind me for this go around. Now, don’t get me wrong – I had support the first go around but only the support I allowed in…and it wasn’t much only because I was stubborn (I know, me stubborn?!?!)

This time, I don’t have a choice – my neighborhood honeys (who are MUCH more than other mommies that I hang out with all the time – they have become best friends) they won’t let me tell them no, they won’t let me hole up and be sad, they won’t let me be on a team by myself. And let me tell you, I feel stronger than ever with my dream team behind me every step of the way.

Oh, back to church…she then told us to ask one another these two questions: What is it you feel you are being called to do? And what do you need to get it done?

I feel I am called to help people communicate with each other, spread love and joy to each other, and enhance each other’s lives. I am working on this – I have a wonderful idea that I am getting together and am almost ready to share.

What do I need to get it done? Well, first and for most to find the courage to step out and do it (and I feel me writing it here is that), then after I create what I need to create I need help marketing.

It is scary to step out and talk about this dream; it is scary to think what I would do if it took off but oh so exciting. It is scary to think that I would need to do it on my own, but then I remember there is no way I have to do anything on my own – all we have to do is ask.

So I ask you these two questions: what is it you feel you are being called to do? And what do you need to get it done?
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