Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chemo Chronicle 2.1

Friday, March 8:

Today started like any other day – Ian woke up at 6:40 and needed me to come lay with him. Of course I can’t refuse when we get to snuggle in his bed and chit chat for 20 minutes until his star goes off.

9:20 came fast but slow. Time seems to be a weird thing lately. It has been exactly one month since I received the call about an abnormal ct scan. Since that Tuesday so so much has happened – tests, biopsy, MD Anderson, visits from best friend, family, a few break downs and normal days in between. In one way I feel like I should have started chemo forever ago but on the hand I can’t believe I am already starting – crazy.

Kissing Ian good-bye this morning was like a kick to the gut (really, I don’t know what that is like because I have never been in a fight in my life (except on little altercation with a best friend but that was just me pulling her hair, OH and that one time I might have hit a boy friend with a car – that is still up for debate as well)) – so all in all, I have never been hit! I digress, back to today. Pulling into the TOC garage is when it hit, the sick feeling in my stomach, the wonder how I was going to make it up the stairs, the fear of what is about to happen to me and what my body is doing to itself.

Once paid, I had to get blood drown – d*mn it! 2 pokes later, they had the blood. After that I decided I AM getting a port…sometime next week. My veins suck (not due to this crap they always have) and if I need blood and an IV every Friday – well that just isn’t happening.

After talking with the nurse practitioner Eric remembered to ask her about my side (I THOUGHT I had gotten a few spider bites on my right side right under my ribs and all who know me know that the way I react to any kind of bite it was no surprise that I thought this major swelling around the bites was just spider bites)….it isn’t spider bites (no it isn’t the cancer trying to come out of my skin – hey, a girl can hope!) I have shingles…WTF?!?! I guess this virus is in most of us if we had chicken pox and then it like to come out when there is a change in stress level – NO idea what brought on the change of stress level?!?!

Okay, now I know I have shingles, am armed with a load of prescriptions we were off to the infusion room. Nothing too exciting happened here. It took about 2 hours in the infusion, but it won’t take that long once I get my port.

After we got home, I passed out for like 1.5 hours, got up felt great, went to Chuy’s for dinner because that just sounded really good – and it was!

Everyone wants to know how I feel. I feel fine – tired but fine. I am curious to see what the next few days bring?

Oh – the care calendar is up. If you told me you wanted me to add you and you have NOT received an email let me. There is a slight (SLIGHT!!) chance I overlooked something and didn’t add your name to the list – big surprise!
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