Friday, May 7, 2010

I need a raise!

Seriously, I heard on the radio on my way to pick Ian up from MDO on, it states the average stay-at-home-mom should make $118K/year. Well, I am not sure I do $118K worth of work a year, but if that would be the average, I am WELL underpaid – I need to talk to HR about this issue!

Ian paid me enough today to last me a good while. The flower pot picture they made at school for mother’s day completely melted my heart and the fact he was SO ready to give it to me made it over the top special. I used to think that all the stuff people kept from their kids was a bunch of crap – well guess what – I don’t think that at all anymore. AND I am thinking I will even be okay this year having Ian help me make and decorate ornaments to go on the Christmas tree. Anyone who knows me well, knows this a BIG deal for me to even throw this out there – I LOVE CHRISTMAS decorations and love them to be perfect but I now see the perfection in imperfection.

Speaking of mother’s day, mom and I went to Norah Jones last weekend at Stubb’s – wonderful show! We had a great time together and I was sad when she left on Sunday. I miss having time with her.

And still on mother’s day, I am SO excited about my mother’s day present. Six months of hot yoga. Yes, you read it correct – I asked for and already got a 6 month pass to hot yoga and I love every sweaty minute of it at 6:00 a.m. I have always known a few things: working out in the morning is best for me but pounding the pavement at 6:00 a.m. doesn’t really agree with my aging body, I need to lift weights but absolutely hate it and yoga calms my mind – which is hard to do. So, this is how I decided on hot yoga, oh and well Laurie told me she started doing it 3 months ago and is now 7 pounds below pre-baby weight – yes, she is a b*tch for this!

I hope everyone has a happy mother's day on Sunday. And remember if you stay at home, tell your employeer you need a raise!
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