Monday, April 26, 2010


So, Eric told me a few weeks ago that he got picked up at the park – of course, my interest was pecked – by a MOM or what? I NEED DETAILS and of course, like him and all his stories, the details were drawn out – give them to me quick and now! He was picked up BY A DAD, which, okay, I get wanting to hang out with someone of the adult age range while at the park watching your child run around like a mad child. We laughed it off and I told him he needed to make new friends! SO, last night his phone rings with a number he didn’t know, a quick voice mail later, and THE DAD called him to let him he and his child would at the park tonight at 6:30 – much politer than my pickups – we say, oh we might be there around 6:15! Of course I asked him, well how in the hell did he get your number?!?! Oh yeah, I gave it to him. WHAT? Seriously, Eric gave his number to this dad, so in my book it was a two way street on the pickup. Anyway, we were all at the park tonight and I SO wanted to see the dad, but we didn’t. Anyway, I just wish I could have been a fly out there when this went down because Eric isn’t a talker, so I am just not sure how the dad got the idea they were going to be buds???
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