Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another year…

Older, hopefully wiser, defiantly happier!

I like to think the older I get the more enlightened I become and with that thought, I thought I needed to look back on my last year and look ahead to my next year.

Things I learned in my 31st year:

Staying home with children, well child, is the defiantly the hardest job EVER, period, the end. But in that same thought, it is priceless.

To do what I want to do and not worry about “what they think.” I have a hard time letting of go of what people think (this isn’t something a lot of people realize about me), but as I become more comfortable with myself and my decisions, I am starting to acquire Eric’s attitude – let it go!

Running a marathon might not ever be in my future. Running more than 6 miles hurts me, I am slow and really, is it worth it for me to try to get faster when I hate every minute of it? NO

Taking my time and actually training “by the book” does pay off. I started off and could barely swim 4 laps and the whole time I thought I was on the verge of drowning and now, I can swim ½ mile without stopping and found my rhythm.

Off my Lifetime List:
Do yoga daily
Swim 20 minutes straight
Swim 30 minutes straight
Take adult only vacation
Start garden – well, not really me, but Eric and that was the plan all along!
Teach Ian how to recycle
Ian in toddler bed
Ian’s room organized
Scrapbook blog ( in case you want to look
Etsy business – I got my log in, banner and am setting up shop. I will send out email when all done – hopefully next week.

Here’s to another wonderful year.
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