Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Try, try, tri again

I am super bummed I am not going to be able to do the Danskin Tri this coming Sunday because I jacked up my neck on Friday while doing my first open water swim.
When I got out of the water, I didn’t know how hurt I was but I did know swimming in open water is a whole different story than swimming in a nice clean pool with nice divided lanes that you only have one way to go.

When I woke up Friday night with an intense burning pain in my shoulder my first thought was heart attack (yes, I am weird like that) then I quickly realized I really messed something up. So after being in pain all weekend and completely worthless around the house and no help to Eric with Ian, I went to the orthopedic dr yesterday. It isn’t my shoulder – it is my neck that is jacked up. Best case – a pinched nerve; worst case – a slipped disk. So for now I will be in physical therapy once a week for 6 weeks, with no swimming or yoga – ARG – the two things I was really enjoying.

I am 99.9% sure though that it is just a pinched nerve being as it feels a little better daily.
I am just pissed though because I so wanted to do this tri a year after I finished all the treatment but I do know there are other tris in the area and I am more than likely going to train for one of those. I just can’t do the Trek because I can’t for the life of me bring myself to swim in town lake – ek!

But with this happening and me being laid up I realized again how glad I am that I got cancer when Ian was only 1 year old. He never knew anything was up, he will never remember what we went through – nothing. But this weekend, he knew I didn’t feel good, he knew something was wrong when I couldn’t play with him, he just knew things weren’t right and for that I am go thankful that he will never know what it was like for me and Eric while I was going through treatment.

Other than this little set back, things are going great around here. Potty training was a big fat bust but whatever. I can’t bring myself to force him to do it – maybe I am wimp, maybe he holds all the cards – but I am fine with that for now. After talking to his doctor and my oncologist (who I feel is hands down one of the smartest women I know) and they both told me don’t waste my time or energy until he is 3 – um, I am going to go with the educated opinion on this one!

We have been having a blast while he is out of school. We go to the pool almost daily now (YEAH!), go to the park with friends and just have lots of play dates. We met Kim and Layla yesterday at the park and to Chick-fil-a and they were so freaking funny together. Ian loved being the older one and Layla loved watched him act like a fool for her.
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