Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It is no wonder…

Kids these days grow up to be complete a*sholes – they have a*shole parents to show them the way. NOW, don’t get me wrong here, I know not all kids are a-holes and it isn’t always the parent’s fault, but after watching the parenting “skills” of people today, I am really, REALLY appalled.

I thought I needed to make a list for this post.

You know you are an a-hole parent if:
1. You take a book to play place and honestly expect to read it. Give me a break. You are there for your kid(s) and regardless of your desire to have a “Calgon take me away” moment; you need to watch your kid(s) because if you are not watching them, they are being an a-hole to someone.
2. You can’t put down your i-phone, blackberry or whatever other device you are glued to; therefore, ignoring your child and again, if you aren’t watching them, they are being an a-hole.
3. You sit on the bench and yell at your child who is running away from you – the further they get, the louder you are. NO, this doesn’t work – get off you’re a*s and do something.

I know I sound like a real b*tch, but seriously parents need to get a grip. Children need/crave attention and if we don’t give it to them, they act like a-holes. I KNOW people need a break, I KNOW children drive you crazy and I KNOW it is hard and you so want someone/something to entertain your children for x amount of time, I KNOW because I feel like this every day, BUT it doesn’t work that way. If you stay at home with your child, stay at home with them – they are your job, they require your attention and if you don’t give it to them, they are bigger a-holes then you are being and it doesn’t do anyone any good.

Okay, I am stepping off my high-horse and getting back to reality.
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