Saturday, March 20, 2010

First time for everything:

I have experienced too many firsts this week, some good, some bad and some very, very ugly!

The good: we are now official landlords! Gold Fish is RENTED OUT, yes you read it correctly – it is rented and we are making money on it! THANK GOODNESS – I was so done painting, so done cleaning, just so done with it!

– I started triathlon training this week! I had 2 swim lessons with my team, both of which were hard; the first was a a little easier than I thought – well, kind of. I did manage to swim the whole time at both practices – 45 minutes and AN HOUR at the 2nd, but man alive – that stuff isn’t easy. I am planning on swimming 30 minutes daily in addition to my other stuff with hopes of not drowning at the tri. Like I told Angela - that wouldn't be good PR for Team Survivor!

- I had my first booked card class party - meaning I didn 't set it up myself - someone got in touch with me! and it was a great success. I got lots of wonderful feedback and new ideas. The ladies really enjoyed and are looking forward to next month!

The bad: I thought I was going to die after Friday’s swim. I totally hit a wall and “bonked” hard. That is a horrible feeling and I never want to feel it again. I now know if I am going to work out 2 times in one day, my nutrition is more important than ever and especially while training for this tri.

The ugly: Ian pooped in the bathtub last night. REALLY, REALLY – you are 2.5 years old and you just pooped in the bathtub??????? It was so gross.

Our spring break was great. We were able to see a few of our friends who we don’t normally get to see due to MDO schedules, we didn’t start potty training – I thought about it and then decided, nah I am not ready yet!
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