Friday, March 26, 2010

A drunken post

Eric is out watching the MSU basketball game and I have now had 3, okay 4 glasses of wine – YIKES!

I had a hard day – we left the house at 8:30, swam 40 minutes, Jungle Java, lunch, toy shopping for b-day party this evening, Ian napped a mere hour, bike around neighborhood and then to park, played, bike home, b-day party, bath, dinner and wine – and a lot of thinking done in between all this.

I am sad – I have a love/hate relationship with reading shit on facebook. Everyone seems to do the shred and lose all this weight, while I did/do the shred and do at least an hour of cardio a day, lift weights 2 days a weeks – which in my mind equals a lot more calorie burn than the f-in shred, I have yet to lose more than 2 – 4 measly ass pounds. IT PISSES ME OFF. I want to be strong AND lean, I want to do tri but be thin, I want the world on a silver plate. J

Let’s see – what else do I want to talk about while sitting here; actually a little tipsier than I thought – oops – okay, here is a good one. Ian – I KNOW I need to potty train him, I KNOW I need to get him off the bubby, I KNOW I baby him too much – but who cares?!?! I mean, really – he is 2.5 yrs old – he has his whole life to be a grown up, so I will promise anyone who is concerned about the about this: he won’t go to kindergarten with a bubby and he won’t turn 4 without being potty trained – so what if I have to change a few more diapers – it won’t kill me; and him and I might be a better team because of it. And speaking of him and growing up, really – I am in no hurry to make him grow up and be independent – I love that he needs/wants me to play with him – yes, it is a pain in my ass sometimes, but I know the time will come where he thinks I am so uncool he can’t be seen with me, so I will cherish the times he wants me to play like I am talking like a penny!

Finally, I love staying at home with Ian, I hate cleaning house, I hate trying to be organized, I sometimes like cooking, I love working out, I love doing card classes buy hate organizing the pre-class, learning to express my feelings is really hard and I have had a pile of small laundry on the couch to fold for 2 days – welcome to Team S!!
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