Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

To everyone. We have had a great day thus far – the Easter bunny visited us last night and left Ian a Dora fishing pole – how did he know?!?! And way too much candy that Ian’s eyes lit up every time he opened another egg – it was precious and well worth the sugar crash.
Church was an amazing service. The music was great and the message was even better. I am not one to talk of my spirituality too openly because if someone doesn’t agree with me, that is fine, that is their choice, but I am not one to debate the subject. ANYWHO – the lesson today was of course of Easter but our minister put a new spin on it which really hit home with me. Jesus was all about forgiveness and we as followers should be the same. We shouldn’t hold grudges if someone doesn’t think the same way we do, we shouldn’t judge people for their actions, we should strive to see the light in each and every person we meet on a daily basis – MUCH easier said than done, but hey, we should all try – right?

And another interesting fact was learned today – the Easter lily takes 3 – 4 yrs to cultivate the bulb and then with the exact right timing, the bulb is removed from the ground and shipped to the greenhouses which plant them and ultimately help them grow into the plants we refer to as Easter Lilies. And lilies signify forgiveness – SO, where am I am going with this? If the bulb to grow a lily takes that much time, patience and love to cultivate only one flower, then how much time does forgiveness take? We need to look at forgiveness as on-going process within ourselves and to the world.

My prayer for today: Dear Lord, please help me go through this day with no judgments upon myself or others and forgiveness for all.
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