Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Project Renee

I have come to the conclusion I do much better with myself and life in general if I have a project to work on. I LOVED working on Shop, Sip & Share, I am always trying to get my business ideas to turn into something, I am thriving turning our new house into a home – I need projects, I thrive with projects but here is my problem with projects. I start too many little ones and don’t finish them, they pile up, stress me out and then, I am left with a pile of unfinished small projects that never seem to get done; however, I will jump into a big project head first, without looking back. Why is that? I don’t know but I decided just now, that I need to jump into my business project with the same ump.

How do I do this? I DON’T KNOW – any ideas, let me hear them. Amanda sent the girls a link yesterday to this painting with a twist place: and it got me so excited, I could hardly see straight – this is a perfect description of what I would LOVE to have with my cards/scrapbooking/etc classes. Now, I know I can’t swing the whole building thing, but I would love to be able to have classes like this, either at my house or someone else’s house a few times a week, drink wine (YES, I will count those f-in’ calories) and bam, that be my project forever.

Now, I need a map so to say. I do much better with a plan, an outline, whatever – I have to know my path that I am going on. And I figure me saying it all out loud (well, not really but writing it for y’all to see) makes it real, makes it on the table questions that people can ask me about – and I don’t want to have to say, well, I haven’t done anything with that idea. I want to be able to say, well, funny thing – I have office classes during Ian’s mother’s day out time and a class or two booked in the evening – WEEKLY!

Now this is where I am going to ask y’all for help – anyone read this who has marketing expertise to give to me, anyone who can help me develop a plan of attack (a reasonable one – mine are always VERY unreasonable), anyone with an ideas to get this project rolling – let me know. I am all ears and all ready to go!
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