Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Projects, reviews, houses, oh my!

So, here it is – I am going to start using my blog as a project list for me, with hopes of putting it out there will mean – wait for it – that I will finish – WITH HOPES!!

This week’s projects: paint goldfish house (yes, we now refer to our houses as goldfish or Endicott house); card class Tuesday night, follow up card class to advertise at Tuesday’s class; get this d*mn kitchen wrapped up (yes, that is really out of my hands, but I am trying here!); get pictures hung on walls here.

January in review: January started out with a bang for my family and unfortunately, it hasn’t really slowed down – but does it ever? I was in California for New Year’s Day for my Uncle Bob’s funeral. The decision was made to put grandma in a nursing home which still sucks and hurts so much to think about. She is doing ok, but she keeps asking mom if they are mad at her and that is why she is there. We moved into the Endicott house on a whim – we were going to wait until the kitchen was done, then we got excited and decided we could live through the remodel, THEN we came to our senses and thought, not that is silly, THEN our realtor wanted to show the house and I decided it would be easier to just go ahead and move out and live through the kitchen, SO we did, we are in the new house and love it – expect the not having a kitchen part!  There is still some things I want to fix up here; however, we have to save up a bit again being as I blew a lot more of the budget on custom cabinets than I thought – hey, they are gorgeous and we will be here for years to come! Ian and I went to Fort Worth while Eric stayed here to move us – what a great husband! We moved Ian to big boy bed and he loves it and still stays in bed after he wakes up – that is all I really wanted out of the whole deal!

Having two houses is a big pain in the butt, but it will all be worth it once we get gold fish leased out. We still have a lot of little stuff over there but if we were to just buckle down and work on it, it would be done in a few hours – the problem is, we don’t have a few hours without Ian. I don’t want to take him back over there because that would really confuse him as to why we can’t live there anymore.

I go to the oncologist tomorrow. I hope we can schedule my appointment with the specialist to discuss baby #2 (that will be a whole other post), but I will update everyone as soon as I know something.
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