Wednesday, January 20, 2010

101 list check in

I realized I hadn't checked in on my 101 list lately, which really isn't even a 101 list, because I never put down 101 things. HOWEVER, is it a list and I will be happy with that for the time being.
Things to mark complete:
b club fundraising - $1600 in 2009; more to come in 2010
Call grandparents weekly - done and still doing
Buy reused stuff - I have been doing great checking craigslist before going to the store. I bought 90% of Ian's Christmas gifts used, just bought a coffee table and 2 ikea bookcases from craigslist. I would buy used granite if I could find it :)
Ian: I have taught him his colors; numbers - he can count to 20 and to 10 in Spanish (I didn't teach him, but hey, he does it!) signs ABC's (not 100% correct, but is getting there); recognizes letters as letters (when he sees signage, he says A B C); he says Sendelbach Dictatorship (I told him he ran a tight dictatorship and he said, Sendelbach Dictatorship - funny stuff, especially how is says Send-el- BACHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Card Class business - have held a few card classes and still getting things going
STAY CANCER FREE - so far, so good, so I am going to check that one as DONE!!
I think I need more defined goals to work with on here. Hell, I do a lot of stuff that isn't on here - maybe I should put it all on here? Nah, that takes away the fun of it. All is all, I am happy with what I have accomplished on this list and look forward to completely it and adding more.
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