Saturday, January 16, 2010

A follow-up to "My Heart"....

I was surprised at how many people called or emailed me to check on me - thank you for your concern. I wrote that in the middle of last week while my mom and aunt Tammy were struggling with a lot of stuff effecting their parents, my grandma and grandpa, who I went to California to visit.
In past 3 weeks a lot has happened in California and I just would like to be able to be there to help more or at least help take away some pain (which in reality I know is not possible.) My uncle Bob passed away, then last week Tammy came home to find grandpa doubled over from exhaustion, which totally freaked her - how could she deal with two major loses in her life within weeks of each other. She sent him to the dr. the next day and we found out he had A LOT of fluid on his body due to stress and his congestive heart failure. The stress comes from taking care of grandma day in and day out. She has altztimers (spelling??) and completely relies on him for everything and I mean EVERYTHING and his body couldn't take it anymore. So, the decision was made to put grandma in a nursing home, which broke all our hearts. She was going to "day care" 3 days a week and while she was there, she missed grandpa tremendously and even asked one of her nurses if family members just don't come to pick them up? All of this is so to take - I don't want grandma is a nursing home, yet I don't want grandpa killing himself to take care of her. It sucks is all there is to say about it at this point.
Her first night in the nursing home was last night, she didn't sleep and she kept asking where grandpa was and if he left her there - no, this will not be easy on anyone.
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