Monday, May 18, 2009

The calm before the storm

No, not really! I am so ready for Ian to start staying home with me. I am in the process of lining up activities to do and I think we might be busier with me staying home then working...and I can't wait!

I am done freaking out about lunch on Friday and have again come to peace with the decisions I made. I am however going to a dermitolist (as soon as I get an appointment) because I have a couple of spots on my arms that look weird to me and I read there is a link between skin and breast cancer – oh, the drama of it all!

Oh and some more exciting news, my friend Traci (well, I have never met her before but she designed another blog for me (that is a new project I am working on - I will let you all know the site in about a week when it is offically ready!!) BUT Traci and I talked on the phone several times during that design and we really clicked, ANYWHO, she told me she is going to re-do this blog for me for its new look from cancer fightin' to family blog - yippie, I can't wait!!) Check her stuff out -
SO CUTE and I can't wait for my update!!

Ian is really starting to get his own personality and he is SO funny. He loves to make us laugh and to wear my glasses – even my real glasses which is not a good thing…that is one battle I will fight – no playing with my real glasses!
He is turning into a chatter box and I am TRYING to enforce the new rule – no whining, talking only – Ian is still winning that battle though.

Lake trip with the Schwagers - yes, you see those rain clouds - NOT A GOOD IDEA to go out on the lake with clouds like that! We ended up in the middle of pretty bad storm, but the kiddos were unfazed by it. We had them wrapped in towels and were holding them tight - Ian even managed to fall asleep.
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