Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SO close…

But so far away. Reality of my situation kind of smacked me in my face this morning.
I really over did it this past weekend and have been paying for it yesterday and today – paying for it as in needing 2 hour naps during the day and laying around the rest of time accomplishing nada. I still get so frustrated with myself when I do this – push too hard to get too much done and then can’t do anything because I have no energy. And, I got some possible bad news today – my dr. said we might have to hold off on radiation for a few days because my skin is really, REALLY burnt and it flippin’ hurts and itches. He gave me a compress to use a few times today followed by cream but the whole process takes around an hour of me needing to be topless and letting everything air dry. I am going to have to continue this regimen 2-3 daily until radiation is done. I will know tomorrow if I have to take a break or can continue and hopefully finish next Wednesday!
So to say the least, I am so tired of all this crap but am counting the days until I am done!..whenever that is going to be.
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