Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pickin’ them up!

So, I must give a little back story here – I have never been that person to start conversations with others, especially strangers. I know a few people might find this hard to believe because I am rarely without something to say to those I know! Marci will talk to anyone and has made several good friends by starting random conversations with strangers and I always envied her ability to do this but I was never confident with myself to do this as she had.
Now I am not sure what has changed within me – maybe listening to authors off of Oprah’s Soul Series (Oh, this is GREAT stuff), maybe my new hair cut (crazy, I know but I do feel empowered by wearing my new do – I guess it shows I am not afraid to let it all hang out so to say), or just the thought of so what, what if it doesn’t work out the way I think it should – will it really hurt me? No, it won’t.
Okay, to the story now – I have been picking up moms at the parks and I LOVE it. I am stealing the term from Jenn, who picked up a mom at Chick-fil-a. I have decided I want to have a sense of community and really get to know these people I see almost daily at the park while I am with Ian and they are with their children, we say friendly hello’s but leave it at that. So, I have started conversations with them about their children, about if they stay home, all sorts of stuff that I don’t mind talking about and hoping they don’t either. Well, I have now given my number to 3 people and have gotten several numbers myself, which is just crazy to me. There are play dates all over the place here, small groups who meet at the corner coffee shop, vacation bible schools being planned… SO MUCH is out there if you are willing to look and more importantly, try!
I think Eric is getting a little annoyed with me lately with it all because he has had to come get me and Ian from the park when it is dinner time because we are just hanging out, talking, playing and the time gets away from us! I don’t really think he is annoyed, I know he is extremely happy with it all. The other day I was talking about ALL the things I want to do, and he looked at me and said, there’s my old Nay. So it is official, Nay is back!
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