Monday, March 9, 2009

Here we go…

With radiation. Today was my 4th treatment – 4 out of 36. Yes, 36 looks daunting to me also. It has been easy thus far. I go in, put on a gown, wait for them to call me (which usually is right away), lay on the table in my own personal mold that holds me in place, they line me up, leave the room and about 3 minutes later I am done. It is all really crazy if I stop and think about it.
I have two creams that I have to put on at different times during the day and are nasty. One is extremely goopy and the other is oily. Oh, to top all that fun off, I can’t wear a bra. Thankfully, I live in Austin and that isn’t all that uncommon but honestly, I like the security of my bra. So in the meantime, I bought some soft camisoles to wear under my shirts. Not the same as a bra, but at least it is something.
And on an even brighter side of things, I think my medicine is really kicking in. I feel a little better with every passing day and my outlook is returning to one of – this is almost over and yes, I can do it! I have been walking/jogging daily which I think that in itself is one of the biggest things I can do to help myself. I feel so alive and accomplished after “running” – especially when I am sweaty – I do love to be sweaty after working out.
I will do a better job of updating the blog during the coming weeks. I know writing helps me get it all out there and sometimes, that is all I need, is to get it all out there.
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