Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Pills…

I can honestly say I am feeling better and I am even going to go out on a limb and say, I am feeling good to great today…even with the cold wet rain we are getting here today. I am not sure if it is the pills that are helping or me really, really trying hard not to feel sorry for myself (that happens so easily some times and really pisses me off). Regardless of the reason, I really don’t care, all I care about is that I feel fantastic and have my list of stuff to get done and am in the process of marking one thing off – updating the blog! Today totally reminds me of a Robert Earl Keen song – It Feels So Good Feelin’ Good Again.
And Eric has found a new nick name for me – kiwi. Nice, huh?!?! My hair is really starting to grow back and so far it looks to be the same color it was before. Maybe not as dark as it was after pregnancy and straight but it isn’t long enough to curl even if it is going to be curly. And my eyebrows and eyelashes are coming in nicely. I really wish my eyelashes would grow back and look like Ian’s – so long and lush – really it is unfair boys get those great lashes. One thing I am concerned about with all my hair growing back is that my leg hair better grow back how it was before – blond and soft. I will be pissed if it comes back and I need to shave more than once every 2 weeks – and that is on a good 2 weeks. I have always loved the fact that I can have bragging rights to that – I don’t have to shave daily – heck I don’t have to shave weekly!
Radiation is going smooth – no big news there. It is a pain to go everyday but at least it won’t last too much longer. 30 more treatments after today.
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