Friday, March 20, 2009

Gettin’ there

I feel like when I take 3 steps forward, I get knocked 5 steps back – I woke up Tuesday barely able to talk due to allergies and/or cold and it has been lingering all week. Most days this week I have had to take a nap during the day because I am just exhausted. I don’t know if the exhaustion is from me being sick or the radiation starting to take a toll on me – whatever the case, I am tired of being tired. And it makes it even harder because I was starting to feel great again. But that gives me something to look forward to – I KNOW what it feels like again to feel good so I will take those feeling with me through the rest of radiation and know what is on the other side of it.

And as far as my “mental health” I really feel like I am getting back to myself. I at least have a desire to do stuff during the day, talk to people and accomplish activities – which that in itself might be the best feeling yet – gettin’ stuff done! It happened one day last week that I felt like a veil was lifted off of me and I was all the sudden going in the right direction.

Other than my drama, our family life has been going great. Ian is a toot and totally makes us laugh all the time. He is adding a few words to his vocab. weekly – most of which have to do with eating! He loves to help ma ma (although he calls a lot of things ma ma) in the kitchen to make smoothies and cook dinner and he loves to help da da out in the yard watering and cleaning up leaves. And would be happy as a clam if we would let him stay outside all day everyday – he loves it out there. Eric is doing well also. Work is busy but he truly enjoys what he does, so that is great.

I hope everyone is doing great. Have a wonderful weekend.
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