Friday, February 13, 2009

One month later –

Since my very last chemo ever! I continue to feel a little better every day but then I do too much and crash again. I had a crash Wednesday and Thursday night – I went to bed right after I put Ian down both nights, so around 7:45.
And my skin is flaking off and I have a few mouth sores – which suck big time. I am assuming this is happening because the dead skin is coming off but I don’t know for sure, I do know it isn’t fun. Even my lips are peeling – really, my lips, oh yes! Oh, and my eyebrows and eye lashes are falling out now. My Dr. did say this was because they are slowing growing hair follicles; it takes longer for them to fall out – nice. I am not too concerned about the eye lashes, it is the eyebrows that I don’t want to go – I guess I can start penciling them in with funny expressions – like arched if I am feeling inquisitive one day!!
After seeing my oncologist last week I realized more of the impact of me being 100% pathologically recovered. She said it is something for me to be very grateful for being as only 20% of people responds that well to chemo – she gave me an A+! I am also going to be seeing a nutritionist to figure out how to get sugar out of the ole diet. I know it sounds easy but man alive, anytime I tell myself I can’t have xyz, I SO want xyz. She was saying keeping my weight where it is or less – like 10 pounds less is where I need to be. Eric read something to the effect of someone who is obese has a 40% higher chance of developing cancer of some sort. Not that I am obese, I do recognize I have belly fat which is the worst kind of fat to have. But I did get doctor’s orders to not even think about this aspect of it until after we get back from the cruise. She told me to eat and drink until my heart’s delight – um, OK!!
I go see my radiation Dr. on the 24th. I am not sure if I will start radiation that day or soon after. Honestly, I hope I start that day to get my 6 weeks rolling and finished. I have to get radiation still to "mop the floor" of any possible lingering cells. And no I don’t want to get radiation for 6 weeks but I would so much rather do this now then have to go through all the other stuff I went through again.
OH and on a very happy note – no squirrels heard last night!!! I guess those b*stards recognized this household is NOT squirrel friendly!
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