Monday, February 23, 2009

Land legs

It is taking a while for me to get my land legs back after being on the boat for 7 days. We got home yesterday from our week-long cruise. It was so nice to be gone from all this non-sense for a week and spend time with family. The boat we were on was beautiful and the food was really good – although, I can say I am tired of eating. There wasn’t too much to hold Ian’s attention on the ship for long (which there isn’t too much in day-to-day life either) so we spent a lot of time either chasing him around or pushing him in his stroller where he had an audience everywhere we went and he ate that up.
I will post more about the trip and hopefully some pictures later (the camera was dropped in the ocean so I am not sure what all pictures survived). I am really happy to be home and ready to start radiation tomorrow or Wednesday in order to be done with it.
More in a bit – just wanted to say hi and let everyone know we are home.
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