Thursday, February 12, 2009


Honestly, I thought our drama was going to be over for a while – in my opinion, we have had our fair share for at least 6 more months. Well, the nasty squirrels in our neighborhood don’t feel the same way. Apparently, they have decided OUR ATTIC would be a good place to set up a home – um, no. We, or me, had been hearing stuff on the roof around midnight for a while on and off for about 2 weeks. We did find a place on the overhang that the mess was gone, so Eric boarded that up and I thought our problem was solved. Again, um no. Monday night I woke up to loud sounds on the roof, seriously, I thought they were coming through and the mere thought of this really freaked me out. For the record, I don’t like squirrels; I find nothing cute about them at all – NOTHING. So, I kicked Eric to wake, and he didn’t. In hind sight, I should have shaken him to wake up but I didn’t. The following morning we went out back to see what was happening and the siding on our chimney was torn up. Of course at this point, I am seriously freaking out. Eric was kind of enough to come home at lunch to patch the chimney and he ASSURED me the squirrels wouldn’t be able to get into the attic from here and silly me, I believed him. Eric decided that we needed his B.B. gun to help with the situation. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t like guns, even this thing made me a little edgy. So, B.B. gun out, lock and loaded, we went to bed just daring them to get back on our roof but I didn’t hear anything Tuesday night so I thought we were all in the clear. Then it happened, I heard something Wednesday morning and it was not longer just on the roof. At this point, Eric grabs the B.B. guns and takes off out the door and I can’t help but laugh out loud thinking of the absurdity of this whole situation. But then a few seconds later, I decided if I thought about it too much more, I could have literally made myself vomit.
Then, I had pest control come out yesterday to take a look and he said a ton of houses in our neighborhood have had squirrels in the attic. All I can think about at this point is one of these nasty little things coming through the ceiling. Well, Eric tried to ASSURE me that won’t happen but I told him I no longer believe him – he is not a squirrel expert. Back to pest control, they wanted to charge us $650 to patch whatever possible holes these nasties could be coming in from. $650 – um no – Eric can get himself up there and do it for less than $50. So, he did – last night was spent with him finding and patching the smallest opening and Ian desperately wanting on the roof with Eric (that didn’t happen). So far so good this morning.
Besides that drama, things here are going good. I have been walking at least 2.5 miles a day and that all caught up with me yesterday – I was exhausted. I am so ready to be able to run that and more. I have to remind myself daily, just do a little more than the day before and don’t get discouraged that I am not where I think I should be – where that is, well, I am not sure!
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