Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am not sure if I have ever openly solicited prayers for myself from others, but I am doing it now. Today has sucked – big time. From my waist down, my bones hurt so bad I can barely stand or walk. The bottom of my feet feel like they are on fire when I stand on them, so to say the least, I have been laying on the couch all day which really isn’t comfortable because my hips hurt. So yes, I am asking for prayers for myself for this bone pain to go away and for me not to get it again.

I have been sitting at a table for one in my own pitty party today and I know this, but I can’t even talk to mom or Eric without crying about all this shit. I am trying, really trying not to let this one horrible day break me. It won’t break me, I know it but I am so ready to feel better. I want to enjoy the holidays like I should be able to and not deal with any of this right now. I wish I could put this on hold until after the holidays, but I can’t so for now, please pray that it gets better – quickly so I can enjoy the holidays with my family and friends.

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