Friday, December 5, 2008

Minor breakdown…

complete. Yes, yesterday was awful but I think in some weird way it helped me to cry and let it all out to mom, Eric and Rachele – like Rachele told me, it is hard to be strong all the time. And it is – I want to be strong but it is hard to hold onto that “I’m okay face” all the time and yesterday, I just couldn’t do it anymore. So, after a few good cries, some good pain medicine, a good night’s sleep, I am back in business this morning! My bones still hurt, but not near as bad as yesterday and I figured out if I have on shoes, it helps my feet a lot.
So, I am leaving my own pitty party right now, going to get back to where I need to be – this is ALMOST over, only 3 more treatments left, I am 62.5% done with treatments, whatever it takes I will get myself through this.
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