Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I’ll Stop the World

Eric received a call Monday around 4:00 telling him Ian was running a 102 fever. Of course, I initially freak out for several reasons – I hate when he runs a fever because I hate when he doesn’t feel good and yes, even though he is 16 months old, I still freak out with him having a fever even though the doctor says it is no biggie until 104 – WHAT? 104 in my book is all freak out mood and let’s run to the hospital. Now, haven’t really ever gone to the hospital for his fever because fortunately, we have always been able to get it to come down with Motrin and a bath. Back to me freaking out on Monday with this fever - reason two, if he was truly sick, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to be around him because I can NOT get sick or things could really go downhill for me. Just the thought of me NOT being able to help take care of my sick baby really, REALLY upset me. Luckily, that thought didn’t last too long because Eric called me as soon as he picked him and said he was 99% sure it was his teeth – Ian always runs high fever with his teeth and gets super rosy checks and super cranky and tired. Eric had seen Ian’s I-teeth on the top AND bottom cutting in when he picked him up. Okay great, I can be around him and help take care of him. When they got home, I could tell Ian just didn’t feel good, so I had do what I had to do – sit and hold him and let him sleep on me! Oh, it was wonderful! Yes, I was that mother for the first 3 months sat and held him probably 90% of the time – especially while he slept. I never got anything done because I would sit and hold him most of the day. But you what, I would not trade those moments for anything – I didn’t care if the house didn’t get cleaned, if me and Eric didn’t have dinner to eat, I was enjoying my baby and letting him know how much I loved him.
To say the least, Ian doesn’t let anyone hold him for more than a few minutes these days and he is getting to the point where he doesn’t really even want to be rocked at night, so you can only imagine how my heart swelled on Monday when he fell asleep in my arms and stayed asleep for well over an hour. I hate when he is sick and doesn’t feel good but I will always be there to comfort him in any way I can and if that means stopping the world in our house and putting everything on hold and him sleeping on me for however long, so be it, that it what I will do.
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