Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Photo shot

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and having my photos as well, as family photos, taken by Katie Jo from Heart Roots Photography. When I wrote her about what I was wanting to do – embrace my bald head and be proud of it, she offered to do the shot free of charge. And I couldn’t have asked for better photos. She is so sweet and carrying; I truly believe I ran across her at an obscure craft fair for this very reason. Please, visit her blog at if you ever need someone to take photos. She is truly wonderful. There are more photos of our shot on her blog also.

Also, I have to say thank you to Mistell Connell from Neiman Marcus. All those who know my mom, know she loves her make-up and more so Bobbi Brown. Mom has been a long-time customer of Mistelle’s – well, since Neiman Marcus opened. Anyway, last time we were in there, I asked her if she did make-up for photos, and she said that is what she loves to do. She is wonderful. I highly recommend anyone who needs make-up done to go see her – or even if you just want to go with new make-up, she will make anyone feel beautiful!
I just want to say thank you to these two wonderful woman who made me feel like a princess for the day and take my mind off of me having cancer.
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