Monday, December 15, 2008

Chemo Chronicle #6

I thought I needed to post this ASAP due to everyone being worried about me. Well, I am happy to report that this time was SO much better than last time. I spoke with my Dr. and she said I have to do the full nulasta shot tomorrow (boo!) but if my counts stay up, then I won’t have to have one for the final two treatments (YEAH!!!).
The chemo room was hopping today and a little backed up so even though I saw my Dr. promptly at 9:00, I didn’t get hooked up until 10:00 and we left at 2:30.
I made a few friends while Eric was out getting subway for lunch. It worked out much better this time because I ate right when I started getting hungry verses waiting until I was starving before Eric went to get lunch – good times all around.
Anyway, my new friends. Two ladies with completely different stories. One lady lives an hour and half outside of town, so on her chemo weeks, she and her husband rent an apartment downtown – how fun. The other lady, I didn’t really get her story but she looked sad and tired. She brought some yummy snacks that I would have liked to munch on while Eric was gone.
Then, there was a man (of course it was a man! :-P) across from me also and he was the biggest grump ever. He was hateful to his wife (who was trying to help) and they would not stop bickering back and forth with each other. I told Eric if we ever bicker like that, we are getting a divorce because we would drive anyone around us NUTS! I was so close to telling them to take their negativity outside because we all need all the positive energy we can get WHILE GETTING CHEMO!! But, I talk a big game (as many of you know) but I would never actually tell someone that.
I had both my hands and feet in the ice baths this time, but I tweaked the process – instead of putting my hands with latex gloves on directly in a bowl of ice, I brought freezer bags and held the bag of ice, so I could move around and then for my feet, I had on thin socks and put bags over my feet while I put them in a tub of ice. My feet weren’t bad at all – they numbed up quickly. My hands were a little harder to keep on ice, but oh well. My dr. also gave me the names of 3 natural herbs to take to help with the tingling…I will do anything once.
So I am hoping that the shot effects won’t be as bad as last time, but if they are, I am prepared with movies and pain meds! I am all done Christmas shopping so I have nothing to worry about and can totally relax and get better.
Hugs to all and thank you for all the warm, healing wishes.
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