Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random thoughts

I realized today that I have a lot of random thoughts that get lost in my head because I don’t have anyone to tell them to. I mean, I could pick up the phone and call someone but most people I know are at work, with a few exceptions, but all of my phone buddies do have other things going on and don’t necessarily want to know my thoughts on Rachel Ray or some other obscure thought I have. When I was at work, especially when Laurie and I worked together, I would go tell her most every thought I had throughout the day – or email her at least.

I feel that it is my duty to write these thoughts down and let the world know – or at least anyone reading this craziness – my random thoughts. More than anything, I feel like I have to write them down and put them out there or here, so I don’t lose a part of myself. I do think that is part of what makes me, well me – my random thoughts that I just spit out when I am with people.

1. Rachel Ray – well, anyone could cook a 30 meal like that if we had someone cut up all our ingridents before we even started cooking. I must admit though, I am highly jealous of what she is able to cook – even though none of it is healthy – I wish I wanted to cook. I know I am perfectly able to cook and when I do it I enjoy, it is the prep process I hate – what are we going to have, what do I need to get from the store, GOING to the store – blah.

2. I so want to be an organized person. I would pay a lot of money (I don’t know how much I could talk Eric into agreeing to) but that aside, in a perfect world where money didn’t matter, I would pay a lot of money for someone to come and organize me. I really think if someone helped me get organized I could stay organized. Marci organized my closest while she was here for my wedding (yes, that is one of the million reasons she is my best friend) and it is still pretty organized to this day. Being pregnant kind of threw me for a loop because I had to add clothes that weren’t in her original plan. Anyway, I received my new Better Homes and Garden magazine and man alive, they have 45 ways to get organized and I have read them 5 plus times and they all sound great, but getting it done for me is so hard. I look at ideas, and have tons of ideas, but then I get overwhelmed and don’t do anything. I really don’t like this about myself and want to change – any ideas are welcome here.

3. I have the oddest things happen to me – or I think so at least. I FINALLY remembered to bring my salad spinner home from work when I was there last week with high hopes of me having it back home, I would start eating more salads. Well, when we went over to the Cox’s Saturday night, Eric parked the car right by the gutter so the car was on a little bit of a slant. I got out to get Ian out of the backseat and bam, there it goes – the lid – the most important part of a salad spinner goes flying out of the car and down the gutter. Are you kidding me? Seriously, my salad spinner lid just went down the gutter.

4. I go to Michael’s way to often. I was in there the other day getting stuff to make baby shower invites and lady who checked me out said, oh that hat is so cute – did you make it? I explained to her that NO, I didn’t make it. That my mother-in-law once tried to teach me to knit and it didn’t turn out well. Then she said, you always look so cute with all your different hats. That is when I knew, I have a problem – I go there way too often if she remembers that I wear hats all the time.

5. I will never pay full price for anything again and more so, we will not eat out UNLESS we have a coupon! I have found so many coupons and deals on-line that in my mind there is no reason to pay full price. I love sniffing out a deal and getting a bargain. Now, I have to work up the nerve to call Sprint to tell them I want my full $150 rebate now verses in March because I need a new phone NOW. Marci (again to my rescue) gave me tips this afternoon for me not to be a pushover. I know this might surprise some people, but when I ask for something from someone, if they say no to me, I give up pretty easily – again, something I would like to change about myself.

6. Seriously, I can’t spell to save my life. While writing this, I have had a few words that spell check doesn’t even recognize – nice. How are I am going to help Ian learn to spell when I can’t even do it? I used to tell my mom I was sick on Fridays because I didn’t want to go to school because it was spelling test day. I must I have a total handful for her!

7. I LOVE infomercials. Pretty much, if someone made a good enough infomercial, they could sell me ANYTHING. I am not sure what it is about them – well, that isn’t true. They make a task, any task look SO easy to do. And easy, I love

8. I HATE, HATE, HATE going to the bank. I am not sure why, but I do. I had to go this afternoon and it is just such a pain.

Okay, I think these are enough for now – not to say I don’t have a ton more to run through. I have a feeling once I look back on these I will see what a goof ball I really am!
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