Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So it begins…

I think, well I am pretty sure I am about to start losing my hair. I was just giving Ian kisses and he pulled a wad of hair out. It still hurt, but none the less, two huge handfuls came out. And instead of me watching it fall it out a little everyday, I am just going to shave it off. Now, I am not going to shave it bald, but I am going to shave it as close to bald as I can.

If it continues to come out this easily for the rest of the week, I think I am going to have my hair shaving party this Sunday. If not this Sunday, I am assuming next Sunday will be a must. I will let you all know which Sunday as this week goes on.

I would like to invite anyone who would like to come over to come on over. Maybe we can do it around 4:00 and have some appetizers and drinks to go along – well, I can’t drink but y’all can feel free to. And I hate to ask this, but if you plan on coming, can you bring an appetizer dish to share with others. If you want to come, just email me and I will set everything up!

I have felt good today though. I have been tired and have had the “chemo glow” which is from the steroids. I haven’t really felt like eating much but have managed to get down enough to hold me over and not cause queasiness.

And I am hoping the sleeping pill will help tonight also. Sleeping does wonders for how I feel the following day. Sleep tight all and sweet dreams to me and to all.
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