Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First time for everything

I am sitting here writing while 3 ladies are in my house cleaning for us. First of all, I have never had someone come clean my house – why would I? I have time to clean, maybe not up to some people’s standards, but our house is clean enough considering we have a 14 month old running around here.

Does anyone realize how hard it is to sit here while they work? Well if you don’t, let me tell you, this is one of the hardest things I have done thus far. I feel like such a slug not helping them clean and get this, they are doing it free of charge. My good friend Angela found this website, cleaning for a reason, right when I was diagnosed. I called last week and they are here this week – cleaning our house. So, thank you Angela for finding this and sending it my way.

And for anyone out there who knows of anyone else going through chemo, or if you ever have to yourself, remember this website – or ask me. This is going to be so helpful in the long run for me not to have to worry about cleaning and without worrying about it; I more than likely won’t feel guilty for not doing it. Well, I feel guilty right at this moment while they are here, but I am sure this too will pass.
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