Monday, October 13, 2008

Sad with regret

Today while I was sitting at the oncologist waiting to be called back from my blood work I glanced over and observed a young women breast feeding her daughter in the waiting area. It was so sweet and it made me so sad with regret. Breast feeding didn’t go as I had planned with Ian, it was hard and I gave up easily. I was able to give him breast milk for 4 months but it took a lot of work and was a daily challenge for me. And at the time it was easier for me to pump and let Eric help with the night feedings. I had always said, with number two, I will try harder and not give up as easily.

But it hit me today, what if I don’t get a second chance to make right all these ideas I have in my mind I said I would with number two? It saddened me to the core thinking about this. But, that is a reminder for me today, tomorrow and all the days after, never say, I will do “it” next time – I have to do it this time because I might not have a next time.
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