Monday, October 13, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

Of the weekend. We had a great weekend but I had a little tummy trouble on Saturday. Now, for the record, this is more than likely going to be TMI, but I want to remember what I went through when I didn’t do what my Dr. told me and therefore not go against what my Dr. ever tells me again. And when I started this, I told myself I was going to be brutally honest and sometimes, honest ain’t pretty!

Friday evening after my boys got home, we all ate dinner together – well, I didn’t eat too much because my tummy was starting to get upset and then we went to the park and I was in bed around 8:30. Ian slept late until 8:00 which was great for Eric. Eric has been awesome through this, he has been getting up with Bug once a night to give him Motrin to help ease the teething pains – poor little guy. But the top teeth are almost through and the bottom are starting. It won’t be long until they are all done.

Saturday morning I think I pushed myself a little too hard to act like nothing was different so by the time Ian was napping, I needed a nap myself, however, I couldn’t sleep due to my tummy. I was warned that no matter what, I had to take action if I wasn’t going the restroom daily but I thought I could beat the rules and eat right and not have to turn to medicine – I WAS WRONG. I felt horrible. I started getting that pukey feeling and really, really didn’t want to throw up. Eric called my Dr. to see what I needed to do. He called for two reasons – I was being stubborn and was still thinking I was fine and could handle this on my own and two, I felt like such shit, that I didn’t even want to talk. So a phone call and trip to Walgreen’s, Eric and Ian returned home with this thick clear liquid that I was supposed to drink. Dear God, don’t let me throw up is all I could think. Now, as this point, even drinking water was hard and this stuff was nasty and I don’t do well with nasty thick drinks even when I feel fine. I got through it – barely. Well, an hour later (which was how long I needed wait) I had to drink the other half – oh my, here we go again. Eric had put it in the refrigerator, so it wasn’t AS bad this time. My goodness, I never, never, never want to have to drink that nastiness again or feel that way. I am now following strict Dr. orders and will take any about of preventive medicine that I have to in order to not feel that way again.

Sunday, I was back to normal. We went to church and then to eat after church where I ate like I hadn’t eaten in a long time and it was great. We went to lunch with Amy and her family and had a fabulous time. After lunch, both Ian and I took naps, got up played, ran a few errands, played some more and it was bath time for Ian and not long after, bed time for me.
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