Saturday, October 4, 2008


Leaving work on Friday was so weird and surreal. Knowing that I would not be returning to work for at least 16 weeks and trying to get everything either taken care of or passed to someone else, made all this so real. It wasn’t like when I was preparing to leave for maternity leave, which was such a happy time – even though I had to leave a few weeks sooner than I originally planned. This time when I left, I had to say good bye to so many whom I care about, tell others what was going on and why I would be gone and really fight back the tears (although, some got away).

Work for me has always been such a safe place. I know what to expect there – although, some days are far from normal but I know my job so well and those I work with, I can walk through my days with confidence knowing I KNOW what is going on. Leaving that safe place made me feel – so unsafe and so unconfident in what is about to happen in my life.
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