Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bubbly and cheese

With me giving up dairy (which I have done great on by the way!), I decided I wanted to feast this weekend before everything starts and really have one more “normal” weekend. Friday evening was wonderful. We hung out as a family, laughed at Ian rolling around on the floor thinking his life was ending several time throughout the night because he didn’t get something or other that he just had to have. We put him to bed and popped a bottle of bubbly. Oh, I love me some champagne! We dined on crackers and cheese for dinner – oh dairy is such a wonderful thing that is now out of my diet forever.

Back up to why I am feasting this weekend - Eric has read a lot of information on line about
triple negatives (me) and how most of them really respond to diet and exercise. Now when I say diet, oh it is a doozy but by goodness, I am going to do. I will have to figure out how in the hell to get only 10% of my daily calories from fat – say la ve to my favorite natural peanut butter – dear sweet peanut butter: you have way too fat for me to eat and will no longer be welcomed in my house.

I have decided though that through chemo, I am not going to say I am going to eat one way or another. They told me that I will need to eat frequent, blah small meals throughout the day – so pretty much how I ate when I was pregnant – well, not my first trimester – I ate way too much Sonic those first 12 weeks – it was Ian wanting it – not me and he still likes to eat!

Saturday was an awesome day. Eric went out to lake with his buddies and Ian and me were left to our devices. After her feel asleep in his highchair at lunch (will post that picture tomorrow), Liz came over and man alive, the two of us are unstoppable when it comes to making cards. We knocked out 40 cards in the two hours Ian was passed out and laughed our asses off – it was so nice to have her sense of humor to lean on during the day. After Ian woke up, we headed out to the “hairy man festival” to see Meg and to see what was out there for Ian. We rode the train and he was excited to be feed a little bit of a grape snow cone – oh he loved it. After coming home, we played in the living room and I loved and kissed on him much more than normal – and let me tell you, normal is a lot. And surprisingly enough, he actually let me. We rolled around on the floor on his big dog talking (well, I was talking) and just hanging out. Today will be my perfect day I look to when/if I have a bad day during chemo that will get me through the tough times. I will look forward to having another today soon.
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