Monday, October 6, 2008

Chemo Chronicle – Day 1

I was actually able to sleep last night which really surprised me because usually when I am anxious, I don’t sleep well – that wasn’t the case. And I actually dreamt that it was 8:15 and my mom was still blow drying her hair and I was so upset that she was going to make me late for my first day of chemo. Needless to say, that was not the case and we were right at 8:20.

I didn’t put my numbing cream on soon enough so I did feel Derek, my fabulous male nurse, stick me in chest with a needle – which was crazy to even think about. But he was able to draw blood through the port also, so no need to get any additional sticks today.

I was back in the “chemo room” around 9:30 and got hooked up to saline and then major anti-nauseous medicine and steroids. Those ran through and then I received my first bag of chemo at 10:10. This was the C of the A/C – I have the specific names if you need/want to know but they are in my bag and I am on the couch and there is no way I can spell them without looking at the paper! While receiving this medicine it was kind of crazy – my sinuses started hurting – like when you breathe in cold dry air and my nose was itching. Other than that, I was cold the whole time because the medicine they were pumping into me was room temperature; therefore, made me cold. Luckily, I knew this ahead of time and bought a new big, fuzzy blanket. The C was pumped in for an hour and then the A had to be manually pushed in for 15 minutes. They call the A, the red devil because it is red and can cause some nasty side effects.

I had several neighbors with me while I was laying there. A cute old man across from me with his wife – he was a feisty little thing. A lady down the row (we called her the lady in white) and I wasn’t sure what she was in there for. She had all her hair still but she looked very sad and nervous. There was a lady behind me who was pulling out a five course meal to eat for lunch – hey, a girl has to eat and a little bit chemo sure won’t stop her. I hope for the best for all my neighbors.

It was odd though, when I got up to leave, I asked Derek, so am I supposed to feel bad now or what?! I mean, I just got chemo and I am leaving there feeling fine. He told me to wait about 24 hours and I should start experiencing my fun! 1 down and only 7 to go.

He did say that I will more than likely lose my hair in 12 to 20 days, so I might want to have a hair shaving party! I will let y’all know when that happens. I am prepared to lose my hair – Marci has put two super cute hats in the mail and mom and I ordered some head scarves last night.

Then Eric and I came home, called a few people and decided to go get some pho for lunch. It was a blan noodle bowl with some grill pork. Hey, when I told him I bought chicken broth Derek told me I didn’t have to starve myself and I do need to eat protein to help my body repair.

So, here I am – just waiting for something to happen. Not really, I am watching some good trashy TV and about to go finish some cards I started this weekend. Hey, what else would I do in a time like this – make something crafty!
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