Monday, September 15, 2008

5 things I have learned in 6 short days:

1. My family and friends are absolutely the best. I have a whole swarm of people behind and ready to start down this road with me. Really, that is one of the best feelings in the world.
2. My diet is going to change – dramatically. I have been reading about how what we eat really does effect the growth of the tumors. Eric has so kindly volunteered himself to be put on my new plan with me. I am not 100% sure what the plan is just yet but I do know this – Thing that are out: dairy, red meat, processed food, sugar, caffeine (to all those around me daily, just give me about 7 days of withdrawal and I should be awake again).
Foods that are in: Miso soup (yeah, I can eat sushi!!), soy, fruits and veggies (as many organic as possible), fish (again, with the sushi), beans, nuts, small amounts of chicken and turkey. Oh and wine. I am not real sure this is actually on the list but I am putting it on.
I am sure there is more I can eat, but I am starting here.
I am looking at it this way: I love salads so I will start making some crazy salads and call it good. And why not get myself as healthy as possible before anything really starts.
3. There are so many flipping kinds of cancer and stages it can be in. I feel like when I do find out it will be like me sticking my hand in a big box with lots of pieces of paper and I have to pick two pieces out – one is the stage and one is type.
4. Breast cancer is usually forming for a good 3 – 5 years before we know it is there, and it too small to be detected on a mammogram. Who knew?
5. I don’t need to make a quick, rash decision on the type of treatment I want to have. I was under the impression, I found out and the next day I should be getting something done. It isn’t like that. I have time to really look at and research my options.

Something I haven’t learned and probably won’t: How to write short and sweet blog messages. Sorry folks, you all know I like to talk a lot and it sometimes takes me a while to get to my point (thanks mom!).

Schedule of events for the week of September 15th:
9/15: Meet with breast specialist this afternoon to get more reading material and go over more details about the PIM scan. I need to find out if I can be around people, specifically pregnant people.
9/16: Go to oncologist. Not real sure what is going to happen here and is this when I get to do my blind picking out of the box or what?
9/18: PIM scan

I will update everyone as the days go along. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know has any good ideas or EASY recipes that go along with my food “ins” I would greatly appreciate them.
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