Sunday, March 10, 2019

42 days of mala meditation

I am SO freaking proud of myself for being on day 42 of doing a  daily mala meditation. 

I have been craving a meditation practice for I don’t know how long. I have started and stopped many different meditation practices before now. I have taken part in the free Oprah 21 days, I have bought different programs, followed other guided meditations, tried color mediation, and many more I can’t even remember now. But none of then stuck. I never felt totally in love with whatever type of meditation I was doing...I never looked forward it...I never craved that time on my meditation pillow.

That was until my coach Meg told me she wanted me to try doing a mala meditation with the words “ease and flow.” These words were something I said in a conversation with her about I want life to look like. I said, “ease and flow in all I do!” 

BOOM...there was my mantra I was going to use for my daily meditation. 

I told her I NEVER knew it could be THAT simple. I always thought it had to be some long verse of what Deepak taught on Oprah’s classes. 

It doesn’t!! 

It just has to be from the heart and soul!

A few things I have noticed about myself in these past 42 days: 

I am calmer. 

When I get pissy about something, I am asking myself to understand why I am pissy MUCH quicker than I did before. I have figured out,  it is usually because I am feeling out of control in one area of life and I tend to get pissy with those closest to me (husband and son).

I have more energy and drive.

I have been knocking stuff off my to-do list like crazy! I have cleaned my art room, gotten rid of several bags of things that were no longer bringing me joy, writing or doing art more, craving healthy food!, seeing more Angel numbers, feel closer to Spirit, and just overall better.  

I have more sparkly moments throughout my day!

What is a sparkly moment?

To me, it is when I literally feel sparkly energy in me. I will explain more later, but for now try to imagine when you FEEL when you how a baby. 

Last benefit I have noticed is, I am able to focus and stay focused on a project! 

I am loving these small, but oh so awesome shifts in me.

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