Saturday, February 3, 2018

Happy because I have a cold???

You might think I have lost my mind saying that I am happy to have a cold this past week AND that my husband now has it!

Stick with me here.

I am elated that I got this cold from traveling last weekend... we were able to go to my sister’s, go the fair (probably where I got said cold), see my dad and watch both nephews basketball games.

Don’t get me wrong having the cold has sucked. I couldn’t go to Pilates all week and felt like crap...BUT it was never talked about me needing to go to the hospital in case it was pneumonia. I was able to stay home and sleep if off. My friends picked up my son and my husband picked up my slack.

Now he has the cold. And not that I wish him ill BUT I am able to hold down the fort while I get to let him rest and recover without him having to worry about me in addition to trying to get better.

I get might have thrown up a little in your mouth from my positive outlook BUT from where I was to where I am now I honestly cannot help myself.

What situation can you try to look at from a different view point??
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