Thursday, May 18, 2017

Healthline Best of Metastatic Blog for 2017


I received an email yesterday telling me I am among of a handful of other women who blog about living with Stage 4 cancer that have all received the best of blog in Stage 4 category!

They thanked me for my humor and no hold back honesty.  I always want to tell people that this is just me and no need to thank me! I am sure many would roll their eyes at this as I do drive some people crazy!

I just want everyone to know that this helps me as much as it seems to help others.  I started this blog in 2008 when I was first diagnosed to have a central place to keep everyone informed about what treatment I was on and how it was treating me.  Somewhere in that, I found through writing I was able to really pour my emotions out and be as raw as I needed to be in order to “clean” and dump any emotions/energy that was swirling around me.

I am SO thankful I started this, so I can look back and see how far I have come and how much I have grown…I know this might make you want to puke?!?! I used to throw up a in my mouth when people would tell me that, BUT I do see where they were coming from now!

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