Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bone Marrow Biopsy, blood counts and more

Bone Marrow Biopsy, Blood counts and more k

I am still surprised at all the words in my normal day to day vocabulary…I am not saying I completely understand them all, but I like to throw them around like I do!
I went to Dr. H last week for my normal 3 week check-in. All was great with my blood work, but my cough seemed to be coming back, so she wanted me to get a chest x-ray…all is well…no pneumonia!!

I did have a slight mental breakdown when I ran out of Keppra…well, I am being dramatic…kind of.  Our mail in order schedule go off, and I ran out a few days before my new mail-in order go here.  If you have ever been on anti-seizure or anti-depressants, you KNOW you can’t stop them cold turkey.

And if you don’t know that…well, DON’T stop them cold turkey.
I was taking Ian and 2 other boys home, and we decided to stop and get ice cream by our house. It was hot, I was tired from the day, AND hadn’t taken my Keppra for 2.5 days.  While we were standing in line, my head started going foggy and I was seeing stars. I somehow held it together without passing out, but I had Ian call Eric to come get us because at that point I didn’t think I could drive. We sat there a bit, I ate a few bites of ice cream and decided I could get us the 3 blocks home. Eric met us at home with an emergency called in Rx of Keppra, and all was well a few hours later. We will NOT run out of that again!

Tuesday I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. B to find out my bone marrow biopsy results. I am now 100% my male donor bone marrow DNA!! Oh yes, the jokes are already being made about me having male DNA.  I asked him if that meant I would have more of a sex drive, grow facial hair, build muscles or what?!?!? He just looked at me, shook his head and asked Eric if I was like this ALL the time. Yes Eric nodded and Dr. B said, I am sorry man! Whatever…there were MANY more questions me and my girls came up with that I could have asked and REALLY embarrassed him and Eric.

I am not on any treatment right now which I am still wrapping my head and heart around…telling myself I am all good.
I have been doing my weekly YouTube videos, painting, WORKING OUT! And just getting back to how I want my life to be now. I was dropping the things that don’t bring me total Peace and Well-being, and much more. I am more excited than I have been in a long time as what is on my path!

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